Al Leedom

Al's Pottery I come from a long line of Dutch and English ancestors and have had an avid interest in the arts, especially kiln building and glass chemistry since I was in high school in Swarthmore, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia.

After high school I attented Prescott College AZ, University of Wisconsin, and Alfred University College of Art and Design in upstate New York.

I build a studio in Skull Valley, AZ in 1975, producing ceramic scuplture and paintings. In 1977 I built a pinhole camera and darkroom in the upper Haight of San Fransciso, producing limited edition prints abstracted from my pinhole camera photographs.

Settling in Madrid, NM in 1979 at the age of 23, I pursued a ceramic career focusing on woodfired stoneware and porcelain, raku, crystalline porcelain, horse hair pottery, and eventually blown glass.

After perfecting the variation of raku of laying horse hair on hot burnished pots, I shared what I learned with two young Acoma Pueblo potters who were fascinated with the results. They later shared the technique with the Dineh. Soon the technique was shared with some of the Rio Grande Pueblos and the horse hair pottery craze was on.

I built a one man glass shop in Madrid that I ran for 9 years, producing one of a kind glass that is in collections around the world.

After shutting my glass shop I worked for two years at Public Glass in San Francisco, assistant to the technical director, maintaining and rebulding furnaces, and producing glass for sale in my gallery in Madrid New Mexico.

Currently I blow glass in Santa Fe New Mexico at Liquid Light Glass on Baca Street, and will soon be resuming ceramic production at Baca Street Pottery, a few blocks from the glass shop.

Examples of my work can be seen at the Sanctuary Salon at 429 W. San Francisco St. in Santa Fe, and at Jeanette Williams Fine Art at 821 Canyon Road in Santa Fe.

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